Informacje o firmie Intermasz

Intermasz is a company with 100% equity capital. Our friendship with membrane techniques has kept on growing since 1970. Our Clients are our Partners with whom we learn to each other how to run production processes more and more effectively.

We have our own Research and Development Laboratory, which is open to everyone.

Although we are the exclusive representative of the manufacturer of ceramic membranes - Tami Industries in Poland, Intermasz devices are present throughout Central and Eastern Europe and work on the basis of both ceramic and polymer membranes.

Regardless of whether the membrane installation has been newly made or is already for teenagers, we always help our Users in its ongoing servicing, commissioning, restoring full usability and modernization.

We are not a corporation and… we do not want to be one - our relations with clients are based on mutual trust and understanding. We answer your questions in a simple and precise way.

membrany ceramiczne