We have our own Research and Development Laboratory, which has been operating continuously since 1968, the overarching principle of which is openness to everyone. We do not discriminate against anyone, and we invite you to cooperate. The laboratory is used by both industry representatives and scientific institutions. Laboratory equipment makes it possible to perform tests on a laboratory and semi-industrial scale:




filtracja i zagęszczanie SEPARATION AND CONCENTRATION


homogenizacja ciśnieniowa PRESSURE HOMOGENIZATION


emulsyfikacja membranowa MEMBRANE EMULSIFICATION


zagęszczanie na wyparce próżniowej CONCENTRATION BY VACUUM EVAPORATION


suszenie rozpyłowe SPRAY DRYING


We have our own measurement equipment, so along with conducting tests, we can analyse the obtained results on an ongoing basis.
The range of physicochemical tests includes:

  • Nitrogen total / protein / non-protein by the Kjeldahl method
  • Fat by the Gerber method
  • Specific gravity
  • Conductivity / TDS
  • Alkalinity (p-value, m-value)
  • Titratable acidity (potential acidity)
  • Dry weight (dryer method)
  • Dry refractive mass
  • Nephelometric turbidity
  • Total water hardness
  • Water saturation factors pHs / LSI / RSI

Full range of membrane techniques available (MF, UF, NF, RO, pRO, ED) has served our customers for years and helps them understand separation and concentration technologies. Among our services, we can help you design the necessary modifications to existing industrial installations