Ceramic membranes

Membrane units based on ceramic membranes, apart from their basic separation function, can successfully replace centrifuges, bactofuges, clarifiers and homogenizers.
Compared to their counterparts made using polymer technology, ceramic membranes can be safely called special-purpose membranes. This is mainly due to their incredible chemical resistance (they are not only resistant to HF) and thermal resistance, which facilitates easy regeneration. We can therefore say that where polymer membranes end, ceramic membranes begin. Where the ceramic membranes end, the area of polymer membranes opens. Therefore, in our activities we always use a selection method based on the best available technology (BAT) in accordance with our mission.

The service life of ceramic membranes is estimated at at least 4 years. However, there are installations where ceramic membranes last 12 or more years.

We are the exclusive representative of Tami Industries - a leading French manufacturer of ceramic membranes until 1998, hence in 2023 we celebrated a quarter of a century of our joint efforts.

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