Polimer membranes

Polymer membranes constitute the widest group of all membranes used. Compared to other types of membranes, polymer membranes also have the widest range of cut-off selection. The ongoing work on new implementations and new materials indicates that the indicated trend will not change. Therefore, we are looking forward to when polymer membranes based on PVDV, characterized by excellent chemical resistance, will be popularized. At the time of preparation of these data (2023), there are over 1,000 producers of polymer membranes all over the world, although it is in vain to look for non-flat PVDF membrane. We hereby encourage every manufacturer of PVDF spiral and tubular membranes to cooperate.

The majority of polymer membranes used globally are used for processes related to water and wastewater treatment. The directions for using polymer membranes are presented in the chart below.

Kierunki wykorzystania membran

Therefore, when talking about polymer membranes, the interlocutor's first thought often goes to the boiler room where the RO installation is installed. Intermasz does not produce RO water from well water. However, obtaining RO water from wastewater and sewage is our area of interest.


It is not easy to predict the exact service life of polymer membranes. however, it is customary to assume that this period is approximately 24 months. Unfortunately, a decrease in performance on polymer membranes is a natural situation. Thanks to our experience, we have developed methods for determining the proper functioning of polymer membranes and we are happy to share this knowledge with our clients.

Rarely does the appearance of the membrane itself clearly indicate what situation may have occurred, but we also encounter such situations.


We cooperate with the following manufacturers of polymer membranes to provide you with access to the best possible technologies:

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