Lab installations

Laboratory installations are the smallest units using membrane processes.
They are used in laboratory conditions, where it is necessary to fractionate liquid components during tests.
The smallest amount of liquid that can be processed is already 200 ml with an installation using flat membranes.

zamontowane laboratorium

The example of lab installation with flat membranes

In comparison with above, the smallest volume of liquid for the treatment process with tubular membranes is about 2000 ml.

instalacja laboratorium

The example of lab installation with tubular membranes


In laboratory installations, membranes are used have a slightly different structure than industrial membranes. For this reason, it is not possible to directly scale the obtained process parameters on an industrial scale. The obtained working pressures and capacities cannot be taken as the basis for the design of industrial membrane installations.
Nevertheless, the main effects of the membrane separation, such as the partition boundary, or the nature of the obtained permeate and retentate, reflect the effects that are obtained in industrial solutions.

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